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July 10, 2023
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Metuchen, NJ — With the playoffs on the horizon, there is a lot to play for around the league, and with this week settling the dust, we look forward to the playoffs and the National Championship. 

Great Lakes Division

Thursday, July 6

MI Jaguars 7 vs MI Burn 2

The Jaguars got off to a fast start and didn’t look back in a matchup that they used to get ready for their Sunday match against current league leaders the Nationals. The Burn seemed to be on the defensive for a good portion of the game and held their own as much as possible but in the end, the Jaguars came out with an important win.

MI Legends 1 vs Nationals SC 1

A chess game for both teams as neither of them wanted to give up points as they had been neck and neck with one another since the start of the season. The draw was a safeguard for the Nationals, but in some ways may feel like a loss for the Legends who will be watching closely tomorrow as the Nationals play the Jaguars.

Sunday, July 9

MI Stars vs MI Hawks

Score not reported

MI Jaguars 5 vs Nationals SC 1

In a match-up that could change the playoff representative of the division the Jaguars came out on the offensive with nothing to lose and it showed. After putting up 7 goals midweek against a strong defensive Burn side the Jaguars got off on the front foot and kept their foot on the gas all match long earning a 5-1 over a Nationals team that, if they had won would be the representative for the Great Lakes against the Cincinnati Sirens. Now the Jaguars sit atop the division and will be Michigan Hawk fans on Tuesday.

East Division

Friday, July 7

Keystone FC 1 vs BC United 2

Keeping their playoff dreams alive BC United needed to win this one to get back into the top 8 in the East. Keystone had a great match plan and looked to be the aggressor at times but in the end, BC United knew what needed to be done for them to continue playing in the Summer of Soccer past this weekend. Now they wait to see how things play out around the division.

Saturday, July 8

Coppermine 10 vs NJ Copa FC 0

No doubt that Coppermine used this match as a tuneup for what is ahead in the playoffs in 2023. A growing and confident NJ Copa FC team was greeted by Coppermine with a game plan to perhaps send a message to the East after last season's playoff exit at the hands of FC Buffalo. Look for Coppermine to have that on the tactics board this week as they could meet again for the East crown in the UWS.

Erie Commodores 3 vs Flower City 1872 2

In a match between two sides looking to finish the Summer on a strong note, this one did not disappoint as both teams brought energy and neither wanted to give up. The conclusion of this match was the perfect setup for both as they get ready for the 2024 season with lots of promise and potential to achieve big things.

Steel City FC 1 vs FC Buffalo 3

Steel City and FC Buffalo both had their playoff tickets punched but this was more of an opportunity for Steel City to improve its playoff seeding and perhaps get a different opponent that would see them not play Buffalo, Sporting CT, or Coppermine. In the end, Buffalo adds to their regular season unbeaten streak making it 14 in a row and will be the number one seed in the East in this week's playoff.

Albany Rush 6 vs Sporting CT 3

Albany needed all three points to get into the playoffs and was steller in this meeting against a solid Sporting CT side that had shown so much this summer as a first-year team in the UWS. This loss doesn’t mean much as Sporting was to be the 2 seed in the playoff but it is a tip of the cap to Albany who know what was needed to continue this Summer and executed a gameplan that was perfect on their way to a win and playoff opportunity as the 8th and final seed.

Worcester Fuel 1 vs Maine Footy 5

Wanting to prove itself heading into the playoffs Maine Footy also wanted to make sure they didn’t lose any points in this match that saw Worcester Fuel fight to the death as they have all season long and never waving a white flag. Maine Footy with the win was able to jump up a few spots to 5th thanks in part to Mutiny’s 2-2 draw with CT Rush.

NE Mutiny 2 vs CT Rush 2

Sharing points kept the Mutiny in a good position for the playoffs and CT Rush should feel good ending the season strong with a draw against a Mutiny team who didn’t want to drop too far in the playoff seeding. Look for the Mutiny to have a lot left in the tank for a playoff push in their attempt to get to the National Championship.

Sunday, July 9

Lancaster Inferno 3 vs Keystone FC 1

Lancaster Inferno went into this match with one thing on their mind and that was to continue to grow and improve before the playoffs. The win made it 6 straight regular season wins while also making sure they stayed in the top half of the playoff seeds and get ready for a week of matches that could get them to the National Championship.

Midwest Division

Saturday, July 8

Chicago Rush vs Cincinnati Sirens

Score not reported

Edgewater Castle 7 vs RBFC Elite 1

The division crown may have been decided but Edgewater Castle still wanted to show the league that it isn't going down without a fight on its way to prepare for 2024. Edgewater showed some offensive firepower scoring their most goals in a match this Summer of Soccer while also making sure they finished with a .500 record and this should be a stepping stone heading into the offseason. l

Southwest Division

Saturday, July 8

Luxoria FC 3 vs SA Athenians 1

Pressure creates diamonds and in the end, Luxoria came out shining bright like one while also winning the Southwest crown in the UWS. Kennedy Kessler led the way scoring a 20-minute hat trick in the second half. This match was scoreless at the break but three minutes in Kessler broke the deadlock and in the 68th had dashed the hopes of the Athenians.

ATX Blues 2 vs SA Runners 0

The Blues started and ended with wins in the Summer of Soccer and should feel good about what they accomplished in a difficult division of UWS. The Runners will look at this match and be proud of what they were able to do this season with eyes on 2024 in what could see a deeper and more talented division next season. 

West Division

Saturday, July 8

SC Blue Heat 8 vs FC Arizona 0

With everything to play for and no margin of error allowed the Blue Heat scored in the 2nd minute and controlled the match leading to a 4-0 halftime lead that had all but sealed the West division crown. After the break, the Blue Heat added 4 more goals and looking to win their third UWS National Championship and first since 2021.

Sunday, July 9

LASC 0 vs FC Arizona 2

FC Arizona didn’t get to rest and let Saturday sit in too long as they were back in action less than 24 hours later against one of the hottest teams in the UWS in LASC who had won 4 straight heading into this match. FC Arizona wanted to make sure that they left LA with a good taste in their mouth after the night before and did so with a nice win which demonstrated and showed what this team is capable of as they now turn their attention to 2024 and growing on their second year of UWS soccer.

United Women’s Soccer (UWS) is a national pro-am league founded in December 2015 on the basis of providing equality, opportunity, and respect for the women’s game. UWS has proven to be an innovative league that has paved the way for the further advancement of women’s soccer. Eighty-plus teams based in the United States and Canada comprise two distinct levels of competition: UWS and UWS League Two (UWS2).

With over 38 NWSL draftees & 100 professional contracts to its name, UWS provides high-level competition for college players, aspiring & former professionals, and international stars. The season runs from May until the end of July, culminating in a National Championship.

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