Inferno Fights Uphill Battle Against Christos FC

Lancaster Inferno’s Impressive 9 Game Winning Streak Ends

On Tuesday, June 25th, Lancaster Inferno (9-1-0) played their last regular season home match against Christos FC (5-4-2) at Warwick’s Turf Stadium.

We have all heard the phrase, “All good things must come to an end”, but nobody was prepared for Lancaster Inferno’s winning streak to end on June 25th. There was something in the air that you couldn’t put your finger on …. something that made the game seem a bit “off”. The talented Lancaster Inferno team always impresses, but was missing a little of the spark that usually gives it the edge over the competition.

The game began at 7:00PM and literally moments after kickoff, Christos FC scored the first goal of the game. Within less than a minute, the score became 0-1.

Being down even one point lit a fire under Inferno’s players. Just over 6 minutes into the match, Inferno attempted a shot on goal. However, even when Christos’s goalie missed, one of their defenders dove behind the goalie and stopped the ball only inches away from the goal line.

Inferno continued to push the offensive, however Christos FC remained focused on defending their goal. Christo’s goalkeeper, Caroline Duffy (University of Oklahoma), had a number of impressive saves that really determined the outcome of the match.

Christo’s game plan of scoring early and then playing defensive seemed to work at snuffing out Inferno’s flame. The score remained 0-1 in Christo’s favor at halftime.

Lancaster Inferno came out strong in the second half, but Christo’s defense continued to stop all shots on goal. Then, at the 67 minute mark, just as Inferno began to flicker and fade, #16 Kayla Keefer (Ole Miss) made a beautiful cross to #21 Maddie Levy (West Virginia University), who delivered a fantastic goal.

With a 1-1 tie, competition turned fierce and continued throughout the night, but the defense on both teams ensured the other would not score again. Inferno finished the game with their first tie of the season.

With a 9-1-1 record, Inferno dropped down to second place in the Mid-Atlantic Division of USL W League. With two games on the road this weekend (6/28 vs Richmond Ivy and 6/30 vs Charlottesville Blues), the possibility of finishing in the top of the division and/or qualifying for playoffs still exists.

Maddie Levy was named Lusk & Associates Sotheby’s International Realty Player of the Match.

Article written by Logan Stynes

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