The Heat is Hard to Handle as Inferno Scorches Charlottesville Blues

Lancaster Inferno’s Impressive 8 Game Winning Streak Continues

On Saturday, June 22nd, Lancaster Inferno (8-1-0) played against Charlottesville Blues  (1-8-0) at Warwick High School’s Turf stadium. Kickoff was rescheduled to 6:30PM in an attempt to try to beat the intensive heatwave.

The kickoff was further delayed due a potential lightning strike as a thunderstorm approached the area. Fortunately, the lightning missed the area and the game was allowed to commence at 7:10PM.

The game began with a red hot offense from Inferno and a goal by #12 Taylor Mentzer (University of North Carolina) only five minutes into the match. Mentzer was assisted by #11 Marissa DiGenova (Temple University).

Both teams played fiercely despite the rain. At 24 minutes in, Inferno’s #33 Maddie Mohr (Kutztown University) scored the second goal of the game, assisted by #4 Rachel Ludwick (Monmouth University), bringing the score to 2-0.

As time went on, Charlottesville’s defense seemed to strengthen and adapt to Inferno’s relentless offense. At 32 minutes in, Ludwick and #2 Olivia Shertzer (West Virginia University) set up a great shot on goal, but the shot was blocked by Charlottesville’s goalie.

Following this was an intense display of skill from both Inferno’s offense and Charlottesville’s defense; a battle between an immovable object and an unstoppable force. Lancaster Inferno maintained the 2-0 lead as the halftime whistle blew.

The second half started with Inferno determined to add to their lead. At 46 minutes in, Inferno kept the ball on Charlottesville’s end with back-to-back shots on goal, each one hitting the crossbar before the ball was taken by a Charlottesville defender was able to move it downfield.

Charlottesville was able to hold an iron-clad defense against Lancaster Inferno’s blazing offensive for most of the second half. However, at the 58 minutes mark, Inferno’s #21 Maddie Levy (West Virginia University) found the crack Charlottesville’s armor and put the ball through for a beautiful goal in the corner.

During the rest of the match, Lancaster Inferno continued their offensive attacks, determined to score another goal, but Charlottesville was as determined not to let it happen and were able to block Inferno’s onslaught. There was another valiant attempt by Inferno to score at the very last second of the match, but Charlottesville blocked it.

The score was 3-0 in Inferno’s favor when the final whistle was blown. With another shut-out and 8th straight win under their belt, Lancaster Inferno increased their season record to 8-1-0 and a district championship and playoff qualifications seem closer and closer.

ryelle shuey lancaster inferno player of the match

#10 Ryelle Shuey (Lehigh University) was named Lusk & Associates Sotheby’s International Realty player of the match.

Lancaster Inferno’s last home game of the 2024 season is Tuesday, June 25th, at Warwick’s Turf Stadium, where we will be celebrating our decadaversary with a Fan Appreciation Night.

Article written by Logan Stynes

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