Help Inferno Get to Cali!

Lancaster Inferno won the UWS (United Women’s Soccer) Eastern Conference Patriot Bracket at Buffalo, winning 4-2 on Saturday, July 15th. This qualifies the Inferno to go the UWS National Championship as one of the final four teams!

The 2023 National Championship is in Santa Clarita, California, hosted by former UWS National Champions, Santa Clarita Blue Heat. It is an exciting opportunity for our players, and is an accomplishment for all young soccer players to aspire to reach!

Inferno is holding a fundraiser is to help raise funds for travel expenses. Anything raised will go for that purpose and if we happen to exceed the goal, we will use it for other expenses the team will encounter at Nationals. We are selling some of our old uniforms as well as accepting donations via Paypal or Venmo.


We appreciate the undying support and love that we’ve received from our fans! If you’re not able to contribute at this time, please spread the word, root for the team, and make sure and congratulate any players that you know.

The games will be live-streamed so you will be able to watch from wherever you are with the knowledge that you helped to make it happen!


Lancaster Inferno FC is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit organization with the mission to empower girls and women through the sport of soccer.

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