Inferno Look Strong, But Suffer Defeat

Sunday afternoon, the Lancaster Inferno (2-4) were determined to get back on the right foot against the Long Island Rough Riders (2-2-1). The Inferno looked to get back to a .500 winning percentage, but once again fell one goal short losing 2-1. In the 6 matches the Inferno have played this season, 3 out of their 4 losses are by 1 goal.

The defense was being held strong by (#14) Coralia Monterroso and (#13) Alexandra Plantive throughout most of the game. The Rough Riders had multiple chances to try and get to the net, but these 2 defenders won a fair amount of balls and tackled very well. Even the best defenders cannot stop every play as the Rough Riders Laura Gomez scored in the 16th minute and Erin Neville planted a penalty kick in the 48th minute.

The offense had plenty of chances throughout the game. In the first half, it seemed as if the opportunities were there, but something was missing. (#25) Teresa Rynier was able to convert on a free kick before the half time whistle, but that would end up being the only conversion of the day for the Lancaster Inferno.

The Inferno’s next game will be against the New York Magic. The game will be held at 6 PM at Pucillo Field in Millersville. They look to rebound strongly and stop the bleeding on the offensive slump. The Inferno will also be playing at Clipper Stadium on July 9th at 12:30 PM! They will be taking on the TSF Valkyries for their first time hosting in Clipper Stadium.

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