Welcome to Our 2015 Sponsor – New World Pasta

Lancaster Inferno is happy to announce that New World Pasta is a sponsor for our 2015 season. Based in Harrisburg, The New World Pasta Company is the largest retail branded pasta manufacturer in North America in terms of sales.

“You grew up with our brands. New World Pasta is a leading branded dry pasta manufacturer in the United States and Canada, producing many of the high-quality products that have become your meal-time favorites. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, New World Pasta provides pasta meal solutions for every family member’s taste and diet. We have something for your whole family, from our regional classic white pasta brands to our even-better-for-you healthy pasta brands.

We’re proud that New World Pasta has achieved a loyal following over the years with regional brands such as Ronzoni®, Creamette®, San Giorgio®, American Beauty®, Prince®, Skinner®, Light ‘n Fluffy®, No Yolks® and Wacky Mac®. These American pasta brands from which New World Pasta was formed were built upon a firm commitment to quality and value. These principles continue to guide us today.

Our manufacturing plants are located in Fresno, CA; St. Louis, MO; and Winchester, VA. New World Pasta also owns Catelli Foods Corporation, which manufactures Catelli®, the #1 pasta in Canada, produced in Montreal, Quebec.”

Read more about New World Pasta on their website at www.newworldpasta.com and look for their great products in almost any grocery store. They truly do have options for everyone — even gluten-free products.

Thank you, New World Pasta, for supporting the Lancaster Inferno!

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