Why is now the best time to invest in women’s soccer?

There are many reasons that now is the best time to invest in women’s soccer. Statistics on the growth and popularity of women’s soccer along with social impact make it a great choice for businesses who are looking for cost-effective exposure and strategic market potential.

Growing Popularity

Women’s soccer has been gaining popularity worldwide. The sport has seen increased viewership, attendance at matches, and media coverage in recent years. Investing early in this growth can provide long-term financial benefits.

According to YouGov’s 2021 Report on Women in Sport, women’s soccer has the highest following of any women’s sport and is followed by 22% of the world’s public.

Sports Innovation Lab released The Growth of the Women’s Sports Community, providing data to evaluate the market’s true value and growth potential. The “Community Growth Score” for the women’s sports fan community is a whopping 40% higher than that of the general sports fan community. Interestingly enough, as the number of women’s sports fans is growing, the trend for general sports fans is declining.

Market Potential

Women’s sports, including soccer, represent an underserved market experiencing significant growth potential. As the visibility and support for women’s soccer continue to increase, there are opportunities for sponsors, advertisers, and investors to tap into a new and expanding audience. A solid investment strategy is to always invest where there is growth.

Relative to other communities, women’s sports is a smart bet. When viewed in comparison to other communities, the women’s sports fan community becomes an attractive investment.

The Growth of the Women’s Sports Community

With this in mind, now is the best time to invest in women’s soccer because the cost to enter the market is also going to increase.

Brand Exposure

Sponsoring women’s soccer teams or events can offer valuable brand exposure. As the sport gains more attention, sponsors can connect with a diverse and engaged audience, creating a positive association between their brand and the values of equality and empowerment.

After the 2019 Women’s World Cup, Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing (GESM), one of the top soccer marketing firms in the U.S., came out with The Female Soccer Fan Passion Report; A deep dive into female soccer interest and engagement in the U.S.

Female soccer fans in the U.S. are young, diverse, and educated with above-average household incomes.

Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing (GESM)

The report is full of all kinds of interesting data, including the demographics of the average female soccer fan. The average female soccer fan is:

  • young, averaging 37 years old
  • ethnically diverse
  • well educated with almost half college graduates
  • someone with spending power, with an average household income of almost $90K in 2019.

Why Invest in Lancaster Inferno?

Supporting women’s soccer aligns with principles of gender equality and inclusivity. Investing in women’s sports can contribute to breaking down gender stereotypes and promoting a more equitable society. It can also inspire young girls to pursue their athletic dreams.

Impact on Girls

There are numerous studies about the benefits of girl’s participation in sports. According to the Women’s Sports Foundation, there are psychological, physiological and sociological benefits of sports participation.

Psychological Impact

  • Girls and women who play sports have higher levels of confidence and self-esteem and lower levels of depression.
  • Girls and women who play sports have a more positive body image and experience higher states of psychological well-being than girls and women who do not play sports.
  • High school girls who play sports are less likely to be involved in an unintended pregnancy; more likely to get better grades in school and more likely to graduate than girls who do not play sports.

Physiological Impact

  • As little as four hours of exercise a week may reduce a teenage girl’s risk of breast cancer by up to 60%; breast cancer is a disease that afflicts one out of every eight American women. (Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 1994)
  • Forty percent of women over the age of 50 suffers from osteoporosis (brittle bones). (Osteoporosis, 1996) None of us should want our daughters to repeat the experiences of generations of women—our mothers and grandmothers—who were not permitted to play sports or encouraged to participate in weight-bearing exercises that are necessary to establishing bone mass.

Sociological Impact

The skills learned from participating in sport help teach leadership, teamwork, goal-setting, pursuit of excellence and other critical skills necessary for workplace success.

In an economic environment where the quality of our children’s lives will be dependent on two-income families, our daughters cannot be less prepared for the highly competitive workplace than our sons. It is no accident that 80% of the female executives at Fortune 500 companies identified themselves as former “tomboys”—having played sports.

Women’s Sports Foundation

Development of Talent

girls youth travel soccer club lancaster pa tryouts usl academy league girls academy lancaster inferno fc

Investment in women’s soccer can contribute to the development of talent at the grassroots level. Funding youth academies, coaching programs, and infrastructure for women’s soccer can lead to the discovery and nurturing of talented players, creating a more competitive and compelling sporting landscape.

Lancaster Inferno is currently Pennsylvania’s only all-girls travel soccer club that provides a player pathway from youth to pre-professional. The pathway provides age and stage-appropriate opportunities across these age groups. The purpose of the pathway is to identify and prepare talented players as future senior Lancaster Inferno players, through the delivery of a holistic player centric curriculum.

Investment in Community

While the commercial landscape of women’s soccer is still evolving, statistics show that now is the best time to invest in women’s soccer. As the sport continues to grow and the fan base expands, the cost to invest will also increase.

Ultimately, investing in women’s soccer is not just about financial returns; it’s also about contributing to positive social change and promoting gender equality in the world of sports and beyond.

Lancaster Inferno’s mission is to empower girls and women through the sport of soccer by focusing on their development to help them achieve their goals. This mission is accomplished by:

  • Offering more opportunities for athletes in a professional environment
  • Partnering with community groups and businesses to keep programs affordable
  • Providing support to coaches for their professional growth
  • Fostering a supportive and positive future and community outreach
  • Serving as role models

Lancaster Inferno wishes to partner with like-minded individuals and organizations. We have numerous sponsorship opportunities and levels that will suit any budget and organizational goal — plus we love brainstorming new opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you!

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